Weird Tiling Problem on Background

So this image wasn’t like this before, it rendered perfectly until randomly it started doing this.
I have my X and Y offsets at 0
I have the X tile at 2 and the Y tile at 1
I have the background placed on a rotating cylinder

Here is the the problem I have, 30234-8515e08be423f0c09f1a20f88f2e44d5.png

The cylinder is supposed to be like the bottom half all through out

Delete the asset and material first, then re-import and try again.
Odds are good that something changed, even if you didn’t change it. This looks to me like the nonsense I get it I accidentally change the material shader type from like, diffuse to skybox, or if it gets moved from tiled to clamp in the import settings.

“Unplug it…and plug it back in.” Unity Version.