Weird visual idea: Where do I start?

I’m looking to do something like this (on the right):

But I’m not really sure where to get started! I’m guessing I should write a custom shader, but I don’t know much about that and what I’m trying to do is really weird. I want to basically ignore the UVs, only use the vertices to get an outline of the model, and just render the texture right on top of that outline. (I think.)

Any suggestions? Anyone else tried implementing something like this, or know where I might start looking?

The effect you’re describing is called “unmoving plaid” and you’re right - you can achieve it quite simply in a custom shader by mapping a texture in screen space rather than using uv coordinates of the model. For a simple example, look at the “Detail Texture in Screen Space” code at Unity - Manual: Surface Shader examples

If you want further examples, I use this technique to apply textures in some of the shaders in the Hand-Drawn Shader Pack, such as the pencil shading in this image: