Weird whitewashed lighting, on objects far from camera, on iOS.

Unfortunately I can’t share images of my problem. I have an augmented reality project, running on an iPad. The scene is lit by a directional light (realtime). If my camera is close to the scene (A city model), everything looks normal. But if I move far away (moving away form the origin direction of the light), the “sunlight” completely washes surfaces in white - Even surfaces with smoothness set to 0!

So far I’ve increasing and decreasing camera far field and I’ve tried changing the lights in any way I can think of. I’ve also tried removing meshes and replacing wiht standard Unity planes, etc.

Any ideas? This is really killing the project!

I have solved the problem.
I hope it will help you.
Expend your ARCamera and click on > Camera > In inspector tab select Rendering Path to “Legacy Vertex Lit”