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We are very happy to announce that as of Unity 2020.2 the Animation Rigging package is now verified. As mentioned in the Animation Status Update (Q4 2020) forum post, we have relocated this section into the main forum with the rest of Unity’s official animation topics. Here is where you can continue to share feedback, ask for help and have discussions about the Animation Rigging package.


The Animation Rigging package enables users to do powerful things with animated skeletons during gameplay such as world interactions, skeletal deformation rigging, and dynamic secondary motion. You can also author new animation clips on control rigs within the Unity Editor in conjunction with Animation Window and Timeline. You can use a set of predefined animation constraints to manually build a control rig hierarchy for a generic character or develop your own custom constraint in C#. At runtime, rig constraints are converted to a list of AnimationJobs that are appended as post-process operations to the controller playable graph.

Getting started

To install Animation Rigging in your Unity project: open Package Manager, browse for Animation Rigging and click install. After the package has been installed you have the option to import the samples into your project from Package Manager.

For additional learning material, please check out our Compilation of resources for Animation Rigging forum post.

We are always interested in hearing feedback about how these tools are working for you. Feel free to share your progress on our forums here. If you find issues, please follow these instructions to report a bug.