Welcome to Bolt 2 beta (coming soon)

Hi everyone,

My name is Laurent Gibert, Product Manager at Unity, responsible for Bolt. I am delighted to welcome you in this space where you will be able to connect with the dev team working on Bolt 2, so that we can collaborate in making sure Bolt 2 delivers the value all users expect.

Please watch this thread as we will post updates here when Bolt 2 becomes available to test, and introduce some of our developers to you all.

We expect to start the beta for Bolt 2 in a couple of weeks from now.



Hallo @LaurentGibert

just to know: Bolt / Bolt 2 will never be published as packages / opensource / free, right?
since we have many opensources and educational projects, and waiting for a native visual flowChart plugin to be used in all our projects (currently using xNode).. i read that Bolt will continue to be a commercial product.

do you confirm?

thank you


Hi @StefanoCecere , we are picking up Bolt in the state it is, currently focusing on the knowledge transfer from Ludiq to provide continuous support for users. In the meantime we're having a lot of conversations about the road ahead regarding Bolt 2 and DOTS visual scripting, but we're not ready to announce any plan yet.


Hi Laurent. Iā€™m a registered owner of Bolt 1. Do I need to do anything to gain access to Bolt beta versions for testong?


Hi @LaurentGibert ,

Is there a subscription list for getting access to the Beta when available?
Those of us coming from Bolt's Discord 'world' and used with easy access to the early dev. releases (Alpha/Beta), have a slight concern about the ease of accessing these builds during this transition period.



It has been mentioned if you'd like to get into the beta to express your interest here.
So, I'm expressing my interest here, as an owner of Bolt that has been waiting for a stage of Bolt 2 to jump into.

Alpha had a few rough hurdles still but it has been awhile since the last update now, even if the current state isn't production ready will it be stable enough feature/pipeline wise to start properly experimenting with it and learning the new workflows?

Will any of the thoroughly written/detailed with images progress reports be merged/organized to help keep that initial knowledge available when jumping into learning it pre-official documentation of sorts?


Yes, me too.
I use bolt2 alpha a lot.
I also express my interest to be part of the Beta


Jumping on the wagon here and wanting to get on that sweet-sweet beta of Bolt 2 :)

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I'd like to join the beta testing phase. I've been a prolific Bolt 1 user for the past two years and an avid tester of Bolt 2 alpha versions and I know my way around the asset very well.


Hi @dmenefee , we will be communicating as an answer of this thread the instructions to be part of the beta. Stay tuned!

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I own and currently use Bolt 2 Alpha. Was waiting for the next alpha update. Will I get the Beta release of Bolt instead or will I have to apply for it separately?

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I'd like access to the beta, do we just ask for a key here?

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Will do! Thanks!

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Will Blot and visual scripting for DOTS be integrated together or will the remain separate tools?


More than access to the beta, I'd love to know what the roadmap for a stable bolt2 release is.
I've been waiting for it for a very long time, and it seemed like it was right around the corner with it entering beta and all, but with the transition and how packages are often marked as preview for a very long time, I'd just love to know what is going to happen.

Not dates by the way (which would be nice) but the process.


I'm also interested in the Bolt 2 beta. Long time user of multiple Visual Scripting tools for Unity3D. (Antares Vizio, Bolt 1, Bolt 2 Alpha, etc)

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I'm an indie game developer and I bought BOLT

How do I get this latest BETA?

When will it be released?And the exact time?May 11th?

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Hey @OLGV , we plan to manage this as we manage Preview packages. So this should be relatively easy. Some instructions would be provided in the next few weeks to tell you how to get to continue accessing alpha versions.


@SwiftIllusion most of the work in the short term is about stabilization and productization as a package. As we post new updates for Bolt 2, this should come together closer to a final product iteration by iteration. Stay tuned!

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@Mrlconic it is always a blurry line regarding if something is alpha or beta. We are calling it beta as we are focusing on landing the first productized version of Bolt 2 with Unity. But the very first updates won't be very different than the latest alpha you got from Ludiq. Nothing to do yet, we will provide instructions to be onboarded soon.