Welcome to the 2021.2 pre-release forum - Forum guidelines inside


This forum’s purpose is to discuss matters regarding 2021.2, to shake out remaining issues and to improve its general quality before the release.

Guidelines for posting here:

  • Reference issue IDs when you start a new thread about a bug. If a bug doesn’t have an ID yet and is unknown, make sure to submit a bug report first before writing about it here.
  • Please keep separate issues in separate threads and avoid bundling, otherwise the thread diverges really fast and becomes hard to track. It is OK to start multiple threads consecutively.
  • Please make the effort to ensure that the posted issue is the same as yours before assuming “me too”.
  • This is not a support forum for Unity in general. Topics that are not clearly related to a 2021.2 feature / bug / regression will be moved. A bug still being present in 2021.2 is not a valid topic to discuss here.

Bear in mind that forum responses are not necessarily immediate, particularly as Unity engineers and users are located worldwide and do take weekends off. Please respect that fact.

Thanks for participating in the alpha/beta!