Welcome to the Leaderboards forum

Welcome to the Leaderboards forum. You can use this forum to ask for help, share feedback, and have discussions about Unity's newest Leaderboards solution.

We are excited to announce and introduce you to Unity’s Leaderboards, a massively scalable, flexible, real-time player ranking solution, which is now in Open Beta! Encourage competition and increase player engagement by letting players compare their performance against themselves and others by incorporating Leaderboards into your game.

What does it mean that Leaderboards is an Open Beta product?

There are a few things to be aware of when using this Unity Beta service package:

  • Leaderboards is currently a free product with a proposed pricing structure that is to be evaluated and finalized during Open Beta as a result of customer feedback. Prior to GA, billing will be integrated into Leaderboards, at which point it will have a free tier and paid tiers based on usage.
  • We are working towards a full GA release in 2023, however, there is no set release date yet.
  • Know that breaking changes to the SDKs and APIs may be released as a result of feedback or discovered issues in the Open Beta; however, we do our utmost to ensure this is not the case once we release a product to Open Beta. Anything available in Open Beta will be supported for a minimum of 2 years, following the Unity Editor standards

Beta Services are defined under the Operate Terms of Service, and by using Unity Economy you agree that you have read and agree to Unity's Terms of Service.

Key Features & Capabilities

Unity’s Leaderboards enable developers to easily add and operate leaderboards in their games, whether multiplayer or single-player competitive, and avoid the cost and challenges of writing, maintaining, supporting, and scaling their own implementation. With the available features (listed below), developers can add leaderboards to Made with Unity (MWU) and non-Made with Unity games, create dynamic leaderboards, and in conjunction with other Unity Gaming Services (UGS) products, such as Cloud Code, build sophisticated player experiences, like rewarded leaderboards.

  • Programmatic support

  • Leaderboards CLI (as part of the UGS CLI) - supports admin leaderboards functionality (create, update, delete leaderboard, reset scores, deploy) from the command line, unlocking engine agnostic, and automated build workflows.

  • Quickly and easily integrate into MWU games with Leaderboards SDK

  • Admin and Client REST APIs

  • Cloud Code Javascript SDK for Leaderboards with admin-level and player-level access endpoints, enabling developers to automate game features and capabilities, such as player score submission and viewing leaderboard placement, from the client

  • Flexible leaderboards management and configuration

  • Manual and scheduled resets:

  • Specify date, time, and frequency (for recurring resets)

  • Support for automatic archiving of scores on reset

  • More advanced scheduling options available via API

  • Limit the number of participants considered for a leaderboard

  • Buckets (max player per bucket)

  • Ranking limits

  • Score management:

  • Add, delete, and retrieve player scores

  • Set leaderboard update strategy for scores: best, latest, or total score

  • Sort order (highest to lowest, lowest to highest)

  • Organize and create targeted leaderboards by creating tiers with defined:

  • Tiering strategy (based on score, rank, or percent)

  • Tiering limits and advancement flow

  • When a leaderboard is reset, a read-only, archived version of the leaderboard is created with a version ID that can be used to retrieve archived leaderboard data.

To learn more about what you can do with Leaderboards, take a look at the Solutions page.

Getting started
Since this is a beta product, you need to sign up for the service in Unity Dashboard. Once you complete the signup process and agree to the Terms of Service, you will be able to access Leaderboards. From the Unity Dashboard, you can follow the getting started guide to get set up or follow the instructions in our documentation.

Important Note for Open Beta:
If you are using the SDK, you will need to download it from the Unity Dashboards (available in the Leaderboards section) and follow these installation instructions. The SDK will be available in the Unity Editor package manager soon, which will streamline this process.

What's next
Our main priorities between Open Beta and General Availability are to finalize pricing, add billing support, iron out remaining issues, and collect additional customer feedback. Unity will leverage this valuable input to expand the features available for the service, prioritizing them based on the feedback we will receive during the Open Beta phase.

At Unity, we put the Users First so your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Our team is dedicated to improving these tools and your feedback is essential to where we will go next. Please share your comments in this forum so that we can continue improving our tools for you!

In terms of feedback, we're especially looking for:

  • Use cases that are important to you and your projects
  • Workflows that are unclear or missing
  • Features you'd like to see in future releases
  • Questions or feedback on our documentation and educational content
  • Reflections on what has been challenging for you when it comes to implementing your game using these new Unity services.

How to report bugs with Leaderboards

If you have any issues or questions that require support, you can file a support ticket from your Leaderboards dashboard or by submitting a request directly on the Leaderboards support form. This will streamline the process as it automatically ensures your organization and project ID are associated with the support ticket.

Once you have submitted a bug report, please feel free to start a new post on it here in the forum.