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The Unity Accelerator is a software agent that allows you to share Unity Editor content faster. An Accelerator coordinates asset sharing when your team is working on the same local network, so that you don’t need to rebuild portions of your project. When used with Unity Teams Advanced, the Accelerator also shares source assets. This significantly reduces download time from the Collaborate service.


The Accelerator is compatible with 2019.3 Beta 1 or above for Collaborate and support for the Asset Pipeline Import process is available as of 2019.3 Beta 6. See the documentation for more information on local hosting requirements.

How to Get Started

The Unity Accelerator Blog Post Speed up your team with the Unity Accelerator offers a look into how you can use the Unity Accelerator to significantly improve your download and load times for source code changes.

For the latest version of the documentation, go here:

Download Links:

  • Download Unity Accelerator for OSX
  • Download Unity Accelerator for Windows
  • Download Unity Accelerator for Linux


What is the difference between the Unity Accelerator and the Cache Server?
The most important difference is that the original cache server only supports Asset Pipeline v1. The Unity Accelerator adds caching support for both Asset Pipeline v2 and source code via the Collaborate service.

Another great benefit of the Unity Accelerator is that when using it with Asset Pipeline v2 and/or Collaborate service, it features automatic disk storage management. This means that it will periodically clean up unneeded assets and/or source. With the original Cache Server, teams often had to use additional tooling to manage disk space.

A third difference is that the Unity Accelerator also exposes metrics that provide you with useful information such as bytes transferred, editors connected and more. They are hosted as Prometheus metric values as /metrics, which you can query from the local network.

I noticed that you can install the Cache Server in the Unity Accelerator installation wizard. Does this mean it has new functionality?
We have not added any new functionality to the cache server. The decision was made to include it in the Unity Accelerator installation wizard so that teams only needed to go to a single place to manage installations.

The Cache Server always has a new version released with each editor release. Which version of the Cache Server is used in the Unity Accelerator Installer?
We are bundling the version most compatible with the V1 Asset Import Pipeline that's in use for 2019.3. If you are running older versions and already have cache servers supporting them, there is no need to install the one bundled in the Unity Accelerator.

Does each Unity Accelerator instance only support a specific Unity version or will it be able to work with multiple simultaneous Unity installs/projects?
The Unity Accelerator will remain backward compatible, supporting all versions of the V2 Asset Import Pipeline and Collaborate service starting in 2019.3 and later. It will automatically upgrade itself as needed to make this seamless for you.

Does the Source control cache only work with Collaborate?
Collaborate is the only source control supported today. We are exploring the possibility of supporting others in the future.

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