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One more question: in the Fully Immersive PolySpatial examples, how do I remove the trackers and everything attached to the planes?

I still want everything to be tracked I just don’t want the planes / blue meshing to be visible.

Do I tweak this one?

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Correct, the AR Plane prefab is what manages the plane visuals, specifically the material and objects under it. For the Mesh visuals there is a MeshManager in the scene that also has a prefab with a material that can be adjusted.

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This is probably me not knowing how to use discussions, but I find myself in the same situation. I can reply, but can’t make new posts.

One thing you might be missing is the requirement to select a category (e.g., MR apps). Also, from someone else who had the issue: “I just had create a new topic on the main page of discussions and categorize it as VisionOS.”

Does XRI support pinch and gaze interaction in vision pro vr project ?

Yes, it supports the spatial tap gesture (gaze + pinch).

So are there any updates coming out for Polyspatial. I deployed a solution using Unity 2022.3.18f1 with Polyspatial 1.0.3 because the latest 1.1.4 with .19 and .20 when running on the actual Vision Pro device the audio doesn’t work, I confirmed it with the Ballon example that also the pop sound didn’t work. It does work on the Siumulator but not on the actual device, I backed to 1.0.3 / 2022.3.18f1 and the sound worked. Seems like a big oversight by the Unity team with Polyspatial 1.1.4 to not have this tested well on the device, Updates were coming pretty good, but nothing new, I would hope this is fixed in a new release soon

Hey this ended up being a deeper issue with FMOD and the Unity editor. There have been some work arounds in various threads here

That might work for you. The team has some fixes in place and are hoping to resolve audio issues in the next release.