What about Working on old version?

My laptop is 2013 model. I want to know that working on 2017 or 2018 version will be good for me?
I just want to develop a simple game not so complicated stuff.

2017 or 2018 can still work but maybe you should try latest LTS first??, Because it is the most refined version, 2017 or 2018 can have bugs or errors.

You should use latest LTS version. Many assetstore assets are no longer supported in the 2018 version. If you are working on the 2018 version, it is likely that your code will not run on the latest version, and that code may become the base code for another project in the future!

It hardly matters which Unity version you are using on a 2013 laptop. Even a simple game will tax your patience. If that laptop still has an HDD and not a SSD (or at least a hybrid) and only 8 GB of RAM or less I’d say: forget it. You’ll hardly get any work done.

On Windows, roughly 4 GB will be consumed by the OS. Unity easily takes 2 and the IDE takes another 2 and then it’s disk-swapping hell all the way - and that’s assuming a clean install with no other background processes. Even webcam tools and similar tray icons can sometimes use several hundred megs of memory, not to mention Discord, Cloud Drive sync, and so on.

Your best option for development on this hardware is to use a really lightweight game engine that doesn’t use C++ (or compilation times will kill you) and to that end you may have to try a few (lesser known) alternatives to see how developer usability is like on that system. I would give Löve a shot. Monogame and Godot may also work well.