What am I doing wrong with this script?

So, I’m quite new to Unity, and I am trying to complete the Roll-a-ball tutorial, I was setting up the basic arena, and doing the basic scripting, and I had an error pop up when I tried to use the script, and when I checked the script itself with the debug function, I had this pop up; Screenshot by Lightshot

I was trying to operate the scritp setup (in C#) that was shown at the bottom of the “Moving the Player” part of the Roll-a-ball tutorial.

What is causing this problem?

It’s telling you that another script somewhere in your project has the name PlayerController, both the file name (e.g. PlayerController.cs) and the name of the class in the script (e.g. public class PlayerController) will need to be unique

Copy the script
Make new c# script called PlayerController2
paste the script
At line 4
Edit PlayerController To PlayerController2
Thats error mean other script with same name