What am I expected to know before learning to use Unity?

I am new to game developing and programming in general, I currently only know JavaScript, HTML and CSS. I would like to learn to use Unity by watching tutorials, but before I do that I wanted to know if there’s anything I am expected to know beforehand. Thanks in advance


I had the same knowledge when starting unity a few years ago.
You do not NEED anything in particular. Just install it and watch/read some basic tutorials, there are loads of them out there.
Just go step by step and be sure you understand what you do, don’t just copy/paste code without understanding it.

I would recommend using C# and not Javascript (wich is not Javascript in unity anyways).

And when you’ll be stuck; If you know what specific thing you need, almost every possible beginner question you might have already have an answer here. You’ll learn a lot just browsing on ‘Unity Answers’