What approach do I need for persistent multiplayer game?

There is an amazing example to what I am trying to do, a game i once played on Facebook called Battle Pirates, basically if you click somewhere on the map to send your ship to that location and close your facebook browser, the ship will still travel there and stop there , so next time you open the game on facebook the ship is right there so is anything you did to your base or other ships.

So basically your base and your ships are still there visible to other players who want to attack even when you are not playing the game, you get an email notification saying that XXX player has attacked you .

I read about and seen demos about unet, but I have not actually begun doing basic multiplayer stuff in unet, before I start with unet, I wanted to know if it’s supports what I am looking for or I need something else to use?

Thank you

Unet would not be what you’re looking for. Unity Multiplayer uses a room system, meaning that you would have to keep a room open perpetually for this to work. Additionally, you would need one huge room for all the interactions between all players, and UNet currently doesn’t support a Massively Multiplayer approach like this. Either you’d have to use your own web server implementation or Photon Networking, which I believe has support for MMO style games.