What approach would you recommend for a coindozer game

What would be the best approach to create a coindozer game?

I started with boxcolliders and rigidbodies but because i have around 200 objects with this components in a single scene on a mobile device the frame rate drops to the minimum which is 3 fps.

After that i tried grouping the coins in rows of 8 and columns of 10 and 2 or three coins stacked on top of each other for each column and row pair. But the problem here is that those formation don’t look random at all and it does need to be random as well.

What approach would you choose if you would make such a game, if you have some example code or link or forum i would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot and have fun with Unity.

Man, this would be hard to do well.

You may have to control them completely manually (kinematically) until they get to the edge

Only as they tumble over, kick in the physics and let PhysX do a fantastic random tumble for you.

how’s that ?

BTW are you using an ortho camera? Why?