What are MonoDevelop users missing out on from Visual Studio, circa 2012?

I getting to know Unity on a Mac, doing scripting in C# in MonoDevelop. I hear a lot of love throughout the C# community for Visual Studio. What features of Visual Studio am I missing out on by not being a PC/Visual Studio user?

P.S. There’s a similar question here, but the answers are from a few years ago, so I’m hoping to get a view based on the current versions of MonoDevelop and Visual Studio.

First of all, Unity does not care about your IDE (MonoDevelop or VS (VisualStudio)).

VS has many advanced convenience functions like automatic refactoring (rename class or member) that’s all. You’ll not miss anything (unless you never switch :wink: ) or would not be able to do something with MonoDevelop which is possible whith VS.

Since Unity’s MonoDevelop version is “a little bit” outdated and VS 2012 is the state of the art in terms of IDEs, I could REALLY recommend you VS (Express). But as long as you will stay on Mac don’t waste any further thought on this, just take MonoDevelop and try your best (as any other)


You have no debugger in VS out of the box. You´ll need external tools (not free afaik) to debug in VS. This is a huge plus for MonoDevelop, otherwise I´ll definitely recommend VS instead of MonoDevelop.