what are realistic values for the character controller

I have searched, the search string was the title of my question. I have also searched human movement speed. The only decent answer, and still nothing that gives real-world values is an equation called Fitts’s law.

So to make a non-unity question a Unity-specific question : what are some decent real world values that can be used for the Character Motor script with the FPC from Unity?

Personally as soon as I bring the FPC to a scene I assign the movement speed to 8. The default is 6. Looking at Aldos Crouch and Run script, walkSpeed = 7; crouchSpeed = 3; runSpeed = 20;

I like the run speed, so that is my second standard. So have at it, what does anyone/everyone think? While you’re here, how about suggesting a suitable jump height, and some proven working values for sliding and slope gradients?

Consider the scale of the world to be 1 unit = 1 meter, and not some Borderlands or other world settings, just here on Earth would be really helpful.

shit - the top speed of horses is 16 m/s !!!


A very worthwhile fact to remember: the speed of both greyhounds and horses is in fact … about the same. That’s extremely useful to know.

“Dogs and horses run at about the same speed.”

I really did not know that until looking in to it.

Regarding humans it’s easy to remember that the absolute top-end speed is about 10 m/s … because 100 meter races come in at about 10 seconds. Very few humans can run faster than 5 m/s. Long-distance races are about 5 m/s. Also worth remembering.

Dunno if this helps …

Re cheetahs. I believe cheetahs are incredibly fast over VERY SHORT distances,

but in fact cheetahs only run, in general terms, at about the same speed as a horse or not as fast as a horse, and certainly couldn’t sustain it for a mile like a horse can.

after all a horse is a huge animal, and all muscle. you’d expect a big ferrari to be even faster than a racing motorbike, i guess.