What are some alternatives to transform.LookAt?

I’ve tried multiple times to get my camera to point at an object.

Looking online everyone is suggesting a simple transform.LookAt(); line but that does not seem to work.

I’ve tried

            transform.LookAt(vector 3);
            transform.LookAt(stored transform poistion);

And none of them so far seem to have worked. What am I missing? Just in case I’ve even added a rigidbody and a collider to my camera but still nothing.

Have I missed something blatantly obvious or does the LookAt need to be more complex?


Just found out that transform.LookAt(target) only works in start but not on Update(). Does anyone know why?

Why would LookAt only work in one and not in the other. Can anyone explain so I don’t do this again and can fix it? Do I have to make a seperate function that has LookAt and that that is called out in the Update?