What are some good tutorials/programs for animating?

I’m new to Unity, but am really interested in learning more about using animations in my projects. Are there any tutorials or programs/software that you would recommend for a beginner? Thank you!

There’s a great official Unity tutorial for the mecanim system: Unity 4.0 - Mecanim Animation Tutorial - YouTube
Blender is a free software for 3d modelling and animation with lots of tutorials on youtube. Once you have a rigged humanoid model you can use Unity’s Raw Mocap Data Package which contains many basic animations: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

If you meant 2d animations then you just have to create an animation from several single images. That can be done inside Unity and using mecanim to make them work together is the same as for 3d.

Unity has some great tutorials and documentation on how to get animations in your projects.


As for programs, Blender or Maya are very good choices with equal respects. However, they are not easy to use at first -especially for beginners.

I would personally reccomend Blender -as it is free, and so it has more tutorials to get you started.


Good luck in your animating endeavours!