What are the best games to recreate when learning Unity?

Hey! I'm beginning learning to create games in Unity with C# and was wondering what are the best games I can try to recreate to help me take off. Both 2D and 3D would be appreciated and if possible, could you provide a description as of why I should begin recreating it to help me learn?


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Flappy birds is an easy one to recreate. An absolute beginner can build it in less then a day, so its quick. It also introduces you to all of the basic concepts you need to build a 2D game in Unity. Including

  • Script communication
  • Collision detection
  • Loading levels
  • Instantiate and Destroy
  • Moving things around

The other big advantage of flappy birds is the game is totally devoid of content. You can produce all the assets you need in paint in about five minutes.

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