What are the best shaders for mobile platforms ?

Hi everyone,
I would like to know what kind of shaders are favored for mobile platform development (3D) and Why ?
If anybody can direct me to a good detailed reference where I can learn , I would be grateful.
Thank you !

Try this for good detailed reference:

There’s huge performance differences between mobile devices and it also depends on your game what shaders you could use. With very low poly count you could use standard shader and shadows and it would run fine.

One simple example I can give is vertex color shaders. You can paint your model with vertex colors and could get rid of textures, texture atlasing and UVs and have only one material for your models. It simplifies the modelling work flow (in some cases) and gives nice performance with higher poly count scenes. On the other hand it can look really ugly or too simple, and if you would want to draw colored patterns on a surface, you would have to actually model the patterns. I would use this for a simple tree or a hammer, but not for a t-shirt with palm trees all over it.

There is nothing “special” about mobile platforms that requires special shaders. Mobile devices simply have more limited processing power (and other resources) because they’re primarily designed to make phone calls, not play Call of Duty…

So, you need to write mobile shaders to create the effect that you want, using the most efficient method. But, then again, you should really be doing that anyway - it’s just that if targetting PC/Console, you can be more lazy because you’ve got more resources to play around with and it’s less necessary to squeeze performance.