What are the functional requirements and non-functional requirements of a mobile game

I am going to develop a mobile based game using unity to our university project.I have to list down 10 functional and non-function requirements to it but according to my knowledge i have found only few of them.Can any one tell me what are these thing to be.
Which i have listed,
Functional Requirements:
1.Game should have a Game Controllers
2.Game Should have a Game Player Character
3.Game should have a Good Story Board
4.Game should have a certain number of Level or Challenges

Non-Functional Requirements:
1.Game should load within a second.
2.Game should have realistic 3D characters.
3.It should work very fast with out any buffer.

need more of them.Please help me

These are some of my FR and NFR from GAME Documentation

2.1 Functional Requirements
2.1.1 FR 01 Programming language and Development Software
FR 0101 The game must be implemented with C# script
FR0102 The game must be developed in Unity3d
2.1.2 FR02 Display, Control and Audio
FR0201 The game must be controlled with Xbox Bluetooth controller
FR0202 The game must be played on Mobile and display resolution will be 1920x1080
FR0203 The game must feature music and sound effects, not crucial for gameplay
2.1.3 FR03 OS
FR 0301 Game must be played on Android OS
FR 0302 Android OS Compatible with VR

2.1.4 FR04 Levels, content and message
FR 0401 Game must help user to build strategy
FR 0402 Game must have 9 levels
FR 0403 Game must convey special message about global warming and its effects
2.1.5 FR04 Virtual Reality & First person shooter
FR 0501 Game must be Virtual Reality
FR 0502 Game must be first person shooter
2.1.6 FR03 Device
FR 0601 Device must be able to play Virtual Reality Games
FR 0602 Device must have Gyroscope
2.2 Non-Functional Requirements
2.2.1 NR01 User Interface
NR0101 User interface should be clean and compatible with mobile screens
NR0102 UI must be controlled through Oculus GEAR VR.
2.2.2 NR02 Hardware Interfaces
NR0201 Al hardware interfacing will be handled by Gear VR touch pad.
NR0202 By using the standard programming tools to develop Oculus GEAR VR SDK for unity. We are able to let the built in functionality to mask hardware interface.
2.2.3 NR03 Software Interfaces
NR0301 ARCH will act as a bridge between Gear VR hardware and Gear VR SDK. As the primary function of this game is showing the best of the reality to the player to feel everything they see.
2.2.4 NR04 Performance
NR0401 The primary performance requirements are the speed of the gameplay. It must be with good FPS on mobile app to have more reality. Mobile processors and graphics can easily render the game frames without buffering or any other kind of frames dropping.
2.2.5 NR05 Safety of Player’s health
NR0501 VR must not cause any kind of harm to player’s eyes or health.
2.2.6 NR06 Quality Graphics
NR0601 The game must have high end 3D graphics.