What are the notification animations called when user scores?

I hope this is OK that I’m asking, I just truly don’t know where to start my search on how to achieve it.

I have a scoring system where a user collects items. I want to show on some part of the screen a scaling “+1 Gold!” and if they get 10 of them, then +1, +1, +1, +1… (x10). They can start small and scale up a bit, then fade away.

I’m not sure what I should do here, as I want to reuse this with different Item Types, like +1 Silver! Or maybe +1 and a picture of a gold coin, then a pic of a silver coin, etc.

What are these types of animations called? Achievement Notifications and similar searches don’t really yield much in terms of a people looking for similar things, but they’re so popular so I know I’m just missing the common terminology. Thank you!

Search for “floating popup text”. There are plenty of approaches. If your game is 2D you can do it on a UI canvas. If your game is 3D and you need the text to pop up over a specific object i think it would be better to spawn/setActive a 2D sprite on top of it (GameObject>2D Object>Sprite). This last approach works in both cases