what are the OnCollisionEnter requirements ?

Hello everyone,

I’ve never had the chance to make OnCollisionEnter and OnCollisionEnter2D to work for me, instead i kept using OnTriggerEnter but now am in a real need for the collision points data and have NO IDEA why OnCollisionEnter2D doesn’t work while OnTriggerEnter2D works perfectly…
i have a body (player) with boxCollider2D (trigger checked) and rigdibody (isKinematic unchecked)
and a level object that have polygonCollider2D (isTrigger checked)
what am i missing to get the OnCollisionEnter working please ?

thank you

When isTrigger is checked you do not get collisions. By definition.

So OnCollisionEnter will not get called.

To get a collision you need two colliders to intersect, not a colider and a trigger or two triggers.

Note that one of the two objects must have a RigidBody as well. If they re both in motion then both should have one.