What are the prerequisites of using Unity?

As I have great interest in computers, I decided to start learning so I could use Unity. Right now I have no knowledge on any computer language or similar stuff. What I want to know is: what language should I learn so I can use Unity? Are there any other requirements?

Well, if you have the time, you can do anything you want, really.
I started using unity 3 months ago, I decided I would start learning how to make games and enter this industry, but I never studied anything about programming, modeling, engines, etc.

And what I learned from it? You can learn everything with patience, YouTube tutorials and frequently asking things in this forum :slight_smile:

Really, go find yourself some tutorials about javascript in Unity, its very easy to learn the basic things, and after that, try to make simple mechanics using Unity’s assets, after you know the basics, take a look on the Scripts that come with Unity, try to understand them, etc.

The most important thing, is to try to understand what you’re doing.
Don’t come here in the forums asking for a giant piece of code to do something. Try to achieve that by yourself, after lot of praticing! Good Luck!