What are the prerequisites to learn unity?

Hi…i m new to unity.I want know the prerequisites to learn unity.I m a multimedia student,i dont know anything about programming.Is there any need to learn coding.If there what are the languages should i learn. Plz help me.Thnx in advance

You won’t come far before you stumble over coding when using Unity. JavaScript is fairly easy to learn because you don’t have to worry about data types which you do in C#. If you want to get started quickly I suggest you learn JavaScript and if you’re still programming after some months and you like it, then you should probably start thinking about learning C#.

Codecademy will easily get you started on JavaScript.

There are also various books about both JavaScript and C#. Search for it on Amazon and you’ll find a ton.

you should check on youtube theirs lots of good tutorials, unity learning section. It’s really up too you for which you pick in unity to write your scripts in c# and java.