What can cause objects to not render on mobile?

I have a scene with some objects modelled in 3DS Max and other are from unknown source (Asset Store). The 3DS Max objects appear correctly in the editor and in Game view, but disappear when I run an iOS or Android build!

At first I thought it was due to the shaders, so I compared the shaders of the Max objects to those of the objects that work correctly, and I made sure they were the same. I also made duplicate files and tried Mobile shaders. Still nothing on iOS and Android! All I see is the room (the Asset store assets) but not my “furniture” that I brought in from 3DS max!!

Pulling my hair out now. I checked project settings, quality settings, graphics settings, compared them to previous projects that I know work on both platforms… Tried disabling the room, in case it was rendering on top of the furniture somehow… NADA!

Ideas on what I should look at? Should the furniture of a room be children of the room? (I didn’t think that mattered so I didnt try)

*Edit: I should add that I am using Cloud Build and Collab. I am wondering if it’s possible for the Max files to not be loading?

This may be a problem with materials and/or textures make sure you don’t have a material that isn’t set up properly for android/ios and check your quality settings to make sure that they are correctly set.