What can i do for Linux support?

What to do to get a linux unity version? :( Every game development team im asking just says: "There wont be a Linux version until the engine we are using (Unity3d) is Linux compatible."

Google's native client runs on Linux, and we are working on making Unity support native client, so, while no full native Linux support is planned for the time being, this is going to be step towards it, making Unity games work in Chrome under Linux, and on any other browser which decides to support native client in the future.

Unity works quite well under WINE (on Ubuntu) as far as I tested it. Even the image effects work if your graphics hardware supports them.

I only experienced some frame sync problems with higher resolutions.

Of course, thats not as good at direct and full support, but at least the Windows executables run under Linux this way.

According to Stefan from Unity QA:

The Unity editor isn’t supported on Linux (or using Wine, or in VMs (especially VirtualBox)).

You can publish games made on Windows or OSX to Linux though. For more details see Linux Publishing in Unity 4.0 | Unity Blog.

This forum thread http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/211059-Unity3D-on-Linux-with-Wine-Support-thread might also be of help to find workarounds.

You can add your feedback votes to this topic http://feedback.unity3d.com/unity/all-categories/1/top/active/platforms-unity-editor-for-linu to show increased demand for it.

Cheers, Stefan/Unity QA

You can download the windows version of firefox and try to install it and the webplayer plugin with wine.
Not sure if it will work properly.

I have tried unity under wine with every single browser I can think of, with no luck.

Unity 4 is going to have Linux support, as seen here. You can either do any of the work arounds listed above, or simply wait until Unity 4 is out and developers compile it for linux.

You can download a .verb file here Unity3D-on-Wine/unity3d.verb at master · Unity3D-Wine-Support/Unity3D-on-Wine · GitHub You’ll have to look for instructions but I think you run it with wine tricks.

Unity 5’s WebGL export runs on Firefox and Chrome on Linux too :slight_smile: