what cause crash in this code

I am learning unity and I want to copy an object and place each copy in a different position.
I wrote this code, but it causes crashing unity.
I can’t understand why, would you explain why this code causes crash.
here is the code :

 void Start()
        float currentXPosition = gameObject.transform.position.x;
        float currentYPosition = gameObject.transform.position.y;
        for(int i = 1; i != 10; i++)
            Instantiate(gameObject, new Vector3(currentXPosition, currentYPosition, 1), Quaternion.identity);
            currentXPosition += i * 0.03f;
            currentYPosition += i * 0.03f;


I solved the problem by if condition,

if(gameObject.name == "mygameobjectname").

It’s solved