What causes dt >= 0?

Since installing Unity 3.4, this error (dt >= 0) constantly shows up in my current build.

When I click on it, it does not open any particular code, but on the bottom of the console window it says:

Assert in file: C:/BuildAgent/work/842f9557127e852/Runtime/Animation/Animation.cpp

This is especially strange, as this directory does not exist on my computer.

Also, I’m not sure if it’s the newly created error slowing down the game or just the repeated calls to the error, but after upgrading, my framerate has dropped from about 300/s to about 70/s. Yesterday when running 3.3 it was still at 300/s.

Does anyone know what could cause this?

It’s an internal Assert in the Unity-engine. As you can see the assert happens in a C++ file (.cpp). The source code of Unity is of course not available on your PC :wink:

I guess you have some weird Animation in your scene. Maybe it’s length is too short, something like that.

First you should try to spot the source of the error. Try to reproduce the error.

  • When does it appear
  • Try to disable objects in your scene and run it again
  • If you found a model / fbx import that causes the error, check the animation that is playing.