What causes error !sh->m_AABB.IsValid()?

Hello world!

I am getting this annoying error assert in editor: !sh->m_AABB.IsValid() each time I try to set local position, scale or rotation in my persistency code. Does anyone know how to fix this or work around this problem? Thanks a bunch.

I have this error when working with particle emitters that have small particles with very low lifetimes. It is a current open bug with Unity, you can check it's progress here.

If you are experiencing this bug under other conditions, you should lodge a bug report with Unity to help remove the error.

I was getting the same error from an emitter in my scene. I realized I was setting the world velocity of the emitter externally and was arriving at a Nan value by accidental division by 0. This caused the error that is described above.

Btw, how do we register for FogBugs?


A related message with a very nice description is here: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/3554/what-does-slot-getlocalaabb-isvalid-mean

If you are getting these errors while you are setting up transforms, check to make sure your objects don't have a crazy scale (0 or huge numbers).