What causes more lag?


What causes more lag?

  1. I model a big object ( for example a spaceship ) with 20000-25000 polygons and 5096x5096 or bigger resolution

  2. I make the pieces of model, 200-300 objects, each with 50-200 polygons, and 512x512 and lower resolution images.

Thank you!

that’s funny I was just watching a videoon youtube by hydraxx.

the best thing is to let the graphics cards do all the work,so pass on information to the graphics card in as big files as you can, the best thing is to have a textureatlas with only one texture, and models with as many polygons as you can for sure, you will see in the unity stats dialogue the frame rate and the draw calls, which are called onto the CPU, to pass information to the GPU, it’s faster to have less draw calls.