What causes UV-mapping inconsistencies between projects?

Here is an example of the problem: http://i.imgur.com/EtLvZ3u.jpg

The plane in both pictures is the same exact model with the same exact texture. It appears that the UVs aren’t used in the new project and testing with other models shows the same issue - no UVs are being used. The only difference is that i started a new project on the same machine with the same version of Unity (5.3.4p3).

There are two sets of UVs: UV1 and UV2, switch between them on your model, to see f that’s the issue.
Also, check the shader, perhaps it’s doing something weird with your uvs (maybe it maps by local z position instead of uv coords)

The problem was fixed enabling the “embed media” option in the FBX-exporter of 3dsMax.