What chooses quality settings, if I don't specify?

Hello Awesome Answers community!

This has been rolling around in my head for weeks now, but I’m just getting to post it today:
I can set the various quality settings which will be available for use in the Project Settings>Quality area of the game. There is the Quality settings area with all the different quality levels to select.

Let’s say I unselect the 2 lowest quality settings, so they can’t be used in my Android game… Then I simply leave the 4 highest quality settings available for use in the game.

But now (to be honest) I have not included any code or buttons or anything in-game for the player to select the quality level they want.

Here’s my question: With this lack of being able to manually set the quality level (in-game), what will be choosing the quality level when the game starts up and runs?

Will the phone intelligently look at it’s chipset/etc and choose a quality level to run it at? Or will it simply choose the lowest settings that I’ve made possible, and run at that level?

I’ve been really curious, since I’m wondering whether it’s almost useless to set the quality settings in the editor, and then leave out the option for the user to choose a setting from in-game…

Thanks for any thoughts and information you can provide on how this works.

Under Project Settings > Quality, there are 9 drop down arrows next to the Default column. These allow you to select the default quality for each platform.

On all devices this is the quality level that will be used unless you make a call to QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel(…)

If you have custom shaders that are used by that quality level and a particular mobile device does not support that shader, then it will use what ever fallback shader you have specified in that shader itself.

If you make multiple quality levels for a mobile build, then you need to provide a way to select them based on your own criteria - you could do a brief performance test on start up, or query the device for it’s capabilities then decide whether a lower quality level would be suitable for the device initially. I would offer the player a way to select a higher quality level though, and maybe notify them on start up that they can change the quality settings in their options menu.