What could be the reason for my cursor to teleport to another position when my Ray hits the collider of a GameObject?

So my issue is that everything in my game works totally fine until the Ray of my cursor hits a collider of my GameObjects, it visually teleports my cursor to another position pretty close to where it was before while the Ray remains at the same position as before. I don’t want neither my cursor nor my Ray to teleport! They should both remain at the same position.
It was working totally fine before, there is nothing in my code that could cause this behaviour and I actually didn’t even change the code so I suppose I did something directly on Unity but I really can’t tell what it is. I checked the collider of the GameObject and it is the correct one.
I should also add that I noticed this issue right after trying to change my Canvas’s UI Scale Mode and modifying anchors of some things but I changed those back and it didn’t fix anything so I don’t know if that could be linked to my issue.

What could cause this? The video below shows my issue.


Thank you for your time.

The solution was stupid…
The icons I’m using were resized, I just had to put them back to their original size.