What determines iOS executable binary size?

Using formula to come up with sizes: (uncompressed executable size) + (app bundle compressed but without executable) + 0,1 MB i get “18,4 + 15,1 + 0.1MB”.

With such executable size i can’t do my app smaller 20MB.

  1. Stripping level is “Use micro mscorlib”.
  2. Api compatability level: Net 2.0 subset
  3. Use GameCenter and In-App Purchase

How i can reduce executable size? Is scripts determines executable size?

Scripts are a tiny part, mostly it’s your assets. Also, being smaller than 20MB is mostly pointless so worry more about making a good game and less about the size.

Thanks for answers. Apparently i have to abandon the idea of making size less 20MB.

But curiosity is haunted: only included libraries determines a executable size? And what libraries: Unity3D side libraries or xcode side libraries?