What determines the initial active InputField

I have multiple InputFields, as you may have guessed. When I hit play, what is telling the InputField to activate? My issue is simple, I would like the first InputField in the line of fields to be the active 1 but it defaults to the second 1 down. I haven’t added any code to initialize it and I don’t see anything in the inspector for setting the default. I would prefer not do it through code if possible but, if not possible I just need a simple “You can’t do that”.

I’m sorry, but if you want to make a dependency, it has to be written in the code.
Unless you are using blueprint.

Dependency? Not sure what your talking about there. I just want my cursor to be in the top Input Field. I can also easily alter the names and position to resolve my issue which I did, but I’m still wondering what is telling the cursor where to start when I first start the application. What initialized the Input Field the cursor starts in as the default Input Field? Is this something simple I’m missing or something coded into the environment that I don’t wanna get into?

unity_ek98vnTRplGj8Q he is right.

I’m sorry I got it wrong. My English is not good, and the translator translated it strangely.
Like this:

    private InputField inputField;

    void Start()