What devices are supported in Unity

I am a new comer to unity. We have been developing on a virtual reality platform from worldviz, vizard. We have different kinds of sensors (e.g.: eye tracking devices, physiological sensors, ...) integrated with our current applications developed in Vizard. Does any one know if unity has support for such devices or any mapping to standard devices (like keyboard, mouse, joystick...)? Also, what are the export file formats that are supported by unity which can be imported to Vizard? Thanks for any help.

Unity can make use of external .NET assemblies, so if you have .NET interface to a device there's a good chance it will work. If you have an unmanaged DLL, you can use DllImport to access it from .NET. And of course Unity's built-in input system supports keyboard and mouse, so if your device has keyboard/mouse drivers then that's an option.

For file formats (assuming you mean 3D formats?) -- I'm not familiar with Vizard, have a look at Unity's supported mesh formats and compare with Vizard's feature set. At minimum you could use .obj.