What do I do when i earn more than 100K

I recently started using unity, and I read the terms and conditions of selling the game.
And it said that you can only earn 100K a year. But now i have the question:
Do i need to buy Unity Pro if I ever make more than 100K a year with selling and advertising my game?
And I also read this:
Legal Entities May Not Use Unity Free Version with Unity Pro
If you are a Legal Entity, you may not combine files developed with the free version of Unity with any files developed by you (or by any third party) through the use of Unity Pro.

Does this mean that when I decide to buy Unity Pro I can’t use anything I created using Unity Free?

P.S. Sorry English isn’t my native language so I understood most of the conditions but I stumbled on some issues here.

Firstly, it’s very unlikely you will earn 100K/year, that’s a cold hard fact. Game development is hard, but for many of us it’s also fun at times. Most people make games because it’s what they enjoy doing, even though they could go and get a 100K/year job.

As for your legal questions, read the FAQ. From what I’ve believe, you can use stuff made in the free version, as long as you and your hole team has upgraded.