What do I need for iPhone development?


I have the following questions to understand how I can create and sell games through the Apple app store.

I plan to get Unity (free) and Unity iPhone basic to start onto to my mac laptop.

If I get Unity (free) first and do some game development and then later purchase iPhone basic will projects I have already done (before buying iPhone basic) become "iphone-able" after I purchase Unity iPhone basic?

Do I need the Apple iPhone SDK and development environment to be installed?

Using Unity what is the process for getting my app into the Apple app store (send it for approval, etc)?

Thanks for any help!


I'm going through this process now myself.

You need a Mac, a device (I'm using iPod currently), the free Apple Developer account, the (at least) $99 license, and the Unity iPhone license too. Oh, and a TON of patience, did I forget that?

The free SDK contains the XCode program, you need that, but you don't need to do very much with it, except that provisioning nonsense.

The hardest part for me was getting 'provisioning' working. Apparently, you need to create a certificate. With that certificate and your device's serial number ID, you create a 'provision' that will let it install onto the device. Mess this up, and you might as well delete any attempts you'd made, they'll just gum you up.

Also, you should be aware of versions, both hardware and soft. Your device, your SDK, your compatibility levels (both in xcode and Unity) should all be on par, or it won't work. I had to find an older version of the Apple SDK (which Apple does not make easy to find), until I was allowed to update the device (mine's borrowed). What fun!

The Unity Remote app is cool, but the game is running on your Mac, not on the phone, so don't be fooled. Getting it running natively on the device is trickier. You have to really be careful about poly/texture size and so forth. And (version 2.6) it's based on a different version of Unity, so some scripts won't work (google for work-arounds, they're out there). I'm currently stuck at it not loading my scene, and I don't know why. It runs on Mac remotely, but not device natively.

Also porting any project to another means, probably, your scene will be completely disconnected. I've been working feverishly on scripts that will help repair that condition, because it took me a lot of work to get things right on my PC version, I can't start from scratch for iPhone. Lesson: start on iPhone, it's easier to add things to the PC version later.

I've basically shelved trying to get it all working on iPhone in anticipation of 3.0 where it should all just work much nicer. And, I'll be doing Android too. My experience: Android is MUCH MUCH simpler to work with, I hope that remains true with Unity3d/Android.

Hi, I use unity iIphone basic 2. im glad your interested in app creation.

Things you need:


become an apple developer and downlod the iphone SDK ($100.00 a year)

you need an ipod touch/ iphone

you need this one free app called: unity remote.

i also say that you can kinda make your normal projects into iphone projects b changing there scripts. (example: function OnMouseEnter. you want to change this to a function for the iphone. such as tapcount.)

IMO i think that unity.com gives you alot of good iphone reacorces to play with. so you dont really need to copy yurs made with unity3d.

I also think that you need to know a little bit of javascript or C. (mostly javascript)

its not to difrent from unity3d. so i think its a nice program! =)

publishing i cant really explain here because its pretty complicated. you do need to get a thing from apple if you want to sell/put it on your iphone.

im going to put a helpfull video on my website soon that you can look at! =)

i think its great that your buying this (especaly because its on sale now!)

im glad to help! visit my website for more help:


need more help? send me an email! colinter191@gmail.com

Sorry for the un-clearness. i type fast so you might of seen a typo.



Apple Iphone Developer SDK

Those are the only "Programs" you need but things like publishing get complicated.

All im saying is: Unity iphone and the Apple Iphone Dev SDK (google it if you dont understand).

Please email me if you have any other problemes =)