What do I pass into Application.OpenURL to open up the Android market from an app?

I'm using this:

Application.OpenURL("http://market.android.com/details?id=?" + m_GameBundleID);

Where m_GameBundleID is "com.MyCompanyName.MyGameName".

But I get an error. Is this correct?

Hi there,

Check below “Linking to Your Apps on Google Play” on [Google Play Console][1]

You can also check on unity forum [http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/63931-How-to-open-an-market-Intent][2]

You can link directly to your app details page this way:

Application.OpenURL ("market://details?id=com.example.android"); //Replace 'com.example.android' by your <package name>

You can also do a search on market this way:

Application.OpenURL ("market://search?q=Unity Remote"); //Replace 'Unity Remote' by <Your Publisher name>

You can use these examples to test your code if you didn’t publish your app yet it works with my Nexus S.

Hope it helps!
[1]: Google Play Console
[2]: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/63931-How-to-open-an-market-Intent

A little fix updated to the issue:

1/ Link user directly to your app details page (to rate, leave comment, etc):

Application.OpenURL("market://details?id=com.<your company name>.<your app name>");

2/ Link user to list of your games on play store (do a search on market, for “More games” button):

Application.OpenURL ("market://search?q=pub:<your company name>");

Hope it be helpful.