What do i put at the ?'s ?

So I made a couple variables in the follower script and wrote:

public enum FollowOrIdle;
public FollowOrIdle FollowerState;

Then I made two variables in the attacker script and wrote:

private ? HumanFollowerEnumGet;
private ? HumanFollowerStateGet;

But if I wanted to write this in the void Start (); :

HumanFollowerEnumGet = FollowerToAttack.GetComponent  ().FollowOrIdle;
HumanFollowerStateGet = FollowerToAttack.GetComponent <Follower> ().FollowerState;	

What would I replace the question marks with?

Here is a script that will work, assuming your Follow component has a public member called FollowerState.

private Follower humanFollower;

void Start (){
    humanFollower = FollowerToAttack.GetComponent <Follower> ()

void SomeOtherMethod(){
    humanFollower.FollowerState = FollowOrIdle.follow;

You also need to fix you enum declaration. Note an enum is hardly worth using for a binary state, use a bool instead.

public enum FollowOrIdle {follow, idle};