What do you call a map coordinate or 2D array index pair?

I’m looking for a better name than the lengthy “coordinate” to use when dealing with 2D arrays and the composite of the indices like so:

public class Map
	public int x; // x coordinate
	public int y; // y coordinate

	byte[,] data;

	public static Vector2 CoordinateToWorldPosition(IntVector2 mapCoordinate)
		return Vector3.zero;

	public static IntVector2 WorldPositionToCoordinate(Vector2 worldPosition)
		return new IntVector2();

I basically only need this when returning both indices from a function at once, but that made me think that my naming is not yet perfect.

C# naming convention advice against using abbreviation unless widely accepted, but a common accepted abbreviation used for coordinate is coord. There isn’t any word it can be confused for.

public  static Vector2 CoordToWorldPosition(Vector2Int _coord) {}
public static Vector2Int WorldPositionToCoord(Vector2 _position) {}

N.B. Vector2Int is an int-based Vector2 that is now part of Unity.

.NET General Naming Conventions