What do you need initially to make a 3D model

Complete newbie here. I want to know if I hire someone to make 3d models and animations , will that person require the concept art to be only hand drawn or a graphic image made in photoshop etc.

**Hi @dhruvpant12 **

Welcome to Unity & Community. You do not need to hire any 3D-Artist right now.

Rather you go to Unity Asset Store. It is a kind of ‘Shopping Mall’ of raw materials that is essential for making games. You can get your desired 3D Models for free or you have to purchase. Save your time & effort.

Have a look on the images I m providing you.

This is how Unity Asset Store looks like. You can see on the right, I’ve highlighted some items. Down there I’ll be providing you the URLs. Just hang in there.

As you are new to Unity, you must read about it.

About Unity (Link) Real-Time 3D Development Software for Games & More | Unity

Asset Store (Link) https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com

Does This Help?

Anyone you hire will need an idea of what you want in any format. This can also be done by a conversation. I recommend you be as specific as you can. Because concept art take time too and you may find the collaboration going sour if the artist is constantly redoing the concept art.

You can also experiment with some 3D modelling software yourself, if you are up for it! Blender is fairly easy to learn, and a lot of model’s functionality import nicely from it. I have been using it for about 2 weeks and been able to make 30 or so fairly decent models along with animations for a game I’m working on (minus materials and textures, that has been a more challenging part to learn for me)

It’s free!

I can also recommend a youtube series to get you started, it will cover MOST of the essentials, but you can find innumerable resources on youtube and other websites to get you started