What do you think about my Game Art

Hi guys, I posting this to ask some help from you. I've been working on my latest game these days and I have made some 2D assets and this is a video of my scene now. However, I still feels it's not enough. Might be the nature of human, that's why I'm here asking for your comments. Can you share your ideas on this, about what to improve and what to remove. Even if you feel it's alright, feel free to make me happy by sharing what you think it's good.

If you can rate it out of 10 (ex - 6/10)


A 2D cardboard theatre style game. Everything seems consistent and the color palette is relaxing to my eyes. The question is whether the gameplay should have such features as calm and melancholy?

The game is has enemies which you have to fight and I also have some plans to add puzzles. Yeah, it will be a kind of calming but there are some serious fights too

If combat is going to be something brutal, my suggestion is that you consider changing the mood of the game in a color palette, from calm to something more aggressive (e.g. blood red) something like berserker mode (simple filter).

This will completely change the reading of the game in the fight sequences. This can even change the whole concept of the game, because in my imagination it gives me more ideas, such as a character transforming according to the rules of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Thank you, I think I should do it too. What if I instead some UI reactions, particles and some post processing effects on runtime to kind of fix this. Changing the sprite mood will be a huge work for me. What do you think?

7/10.. Looks great, but a little low on contrast.
Heavy contrast makes it easy for players to see what's going on & what they should be focusing on.

Assets are painted nicely and have a consistent style. The grass in the foreground is a bit too distracting in my opinion, I would tone down the movement and scale.

Colors are a bit flat, and the contrast between the highlights and shadows is also flat. If you're using 2D lights, you could lower the brightness of the global light, and add some various colored lights around. Most 2D games do some work in-engine to make the final scenes look better.

An update according to what you guys suggested. Thank you so much for your suggestions, they worked really well.
Now I think it looks better. But it's better if you can point me out some more things according to your perspective. Also, If you can, rate it out of 10 like before. Good Luck

8851042--1206874--Screenshot (95).png

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