What does a quad look like?

I’ve decided to use “quads” for 2d images for my iOS menu. I intended on making the quad in Maya, but I must not know how…

In Maya (although I’m sure it would be a similar process in any 3d modeler) I’m making a polygonal plane 1 unit x 1 unit, saving that scene as a .mb file, and dragging it into unity. So if I have an image that is 1024 x 1024, I’m suppose to scale this 1 x 1 quad to 1024 x 1024 in unity and then apply the texture? I must be doing something wrong here… What exactly is a quad suppose to look like?

A quad is 2 triangles in the shape of a rectangle. You’re not “supposed” to do anything in particular with it, you just use it whatever way you need for whatever it is you’re doing. The scale has no relevance to the size of the image. The only thing you need to do is UV map it.