What does Audio CPU Usage mean in the Profiler?

I’ve searched everything and can’t find a simple explanation of what Audio CPU Usage refers to in the Profiler stats. Here’s the closest I could find:
“CPU usage can be seen in the bottom.”

Is it the total percentage of CPU all audio tasks take up?

Is it the percentage taken up of some CPU quota allotted for audio tasks?

Or maybe even something else?

I ask these questions because the CPU usage audio tasks seem to be taking up - 40-60% - does not seem to add up to various tasks shown in the CPU section, which should be about half that.

According to the documentation, it is, as you guessed, the total percentage of CPU all audio tasks take up. I’m interpreting that to mean that it is tracking the CPU usage of any tasks which are calling audio functions and playing audio. There won’t be a CPU quota for audio because some games might want to dedicate nearly all of their CPU to audio tasks. (for example %80 of the CPU could be performing audio related tasks, and that would be fine)

That is my interpretation of “it’s contribution to the CPU chart is highlighted” found here Unity - Manual: CPU Usage Profiler module