What does Create Internet Match do?

This question is as simple as it looks. With the NetworkManagerHUD, what exactly happens when I press “Create Internet Match?” I can see that the Online Scene is loaded and a Player is created. How would I replicate this in code? I ask because the default matchmaking script (provided at http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UNetMatchMaker.html) does not do this.

EDIT: I have already hosted a match using Unity’s matchmaking service and successfully joined the match.

As it turns out, the script for NetworkManagerHUD is available online: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/networkmanagerhud-code-network-control-and-matchmaking-example.326604
After looking through it for a bit, I found the issue. NetworkManager has its own OnMatchCreate and OnMatchJoined. Replace the references to the default script’s equivalents with “GetComponent().OnMatchCreate”/“Joined” and it works perfectly.

actually this is my problem too .
As i know by using script that provided in doc you can only make matches just with unity multiplayer service if you have an appid by registring your game in that service .i am looking for a simple custom matchmaking system that works without unity multiplayer service and can be done by using HLAPI .
simply i need my custom matchmaking server not unity multiplayer service .