What Does error mean : i got it from this line of script......

Assets/textures/NewBehaviourScript 1.cs(4,6): error CS8025: Parsing error


public class Mission : MonoBehaviour

Besides for the fact that you spelled "Scipt" wrong ;), it is more than likely one of two things.

  • Make sure that you have a bracket after MonoBehaviour. It could be on the next line though, that's fine.

  • Maybe you left out a semi-collon ";" after `using SoAndSo;`

  • Look around the line too. Sometimes the compiler doesn't give the actual line the error is on because an error before it confused its line numbering.

I know this is an old-and-abandoned question, sorry to dig it up; but I stumbled upon this and it bothered me… ^^’

using UnityEngine; 
using System.Collections; 
public int Mission //<------- PROBLEM
public class Mission : MonoBehaviour 
  static public int Count; private const int RequiredKillAmount = 10;
  void Update()
    if (Count >= RequiredKillAmount)
        // Mission complete

3 problems at the noted line!

  1. as Peter stated, missed a ’ ; ’ above the line of class-declaration.

  2. can’t have a variable-declaration outside a class.

  3. shouldn’t name a variable the same as a class. (use lower case!)

Maybe you tried to give the class a return-value? I don’t think that’s possible at all (?), but certainly not with this syntax…

Greetz, Ky.