What Does It Mean By GetComponent & How do you Use It?!

What does it mean by GetComponent?

I found out that it means : To access/get other scripts or components in a GameObject or other GameObjects.

But can you please define what it means by this and how you use it (I’m not an English Expert), so please explain as clearly as possible and please answer!

it’s basically used as a way to get a variable(component) from the object the script is attached or to any object that you can acces trough that script.
Let’s assume you have a script called PlayerMovement wich is attached to your player, that player object has a rigidbody on it, you can acces that rigidbody values and methods by using GetComponent<Rigidbody>();
you can use it as an instance of your rigidbody, therefore you’re able to change its values and do everything else a rigidbody allows you to do.
For example, you can change the Player rigidbody mass from inside the playerMovement script, by typing: GetComponent<Rigidbody>().mass = 10;
in short, it’s basically a way to access the various types of components of the engine.