What does Mprotect remapping failed mean and how do I fix it?

Hey guys!

I’m stumped with an error I found and from my searches, only a few have also received it a long time ago and I’m not quite sure if / how a solution was achieved.

The error I’m getting in xcode is

Mprotect failed at 0xed50000 (length 212992) with errno 12
Mprotect remapping failed

The game works fine in the editor and all other platforms. This error is iOS specific and happens every session that goes past the login process (loads another scene) for > 10 seconds. The exact time is inconsistent.
I say inconsistently because it doesn’t seem to happen right after an interaction. My game does download data and images so my hunch (and a lousy hunch at that) is threading / wait time is the cause of the inconsistently.

Here’s some of my search results

Workaround: don’t allocate mono
objects too frequently, reuse them if
possible (this would also improve your

  • -This is a little embarrassing since I’m a self taught Unity user but what exactly does that mean and can I apply it to my problem?

My system info:

Currently on Unity 5.3 but has been happening since 5.2
Xcode is version 7.2 but has been happening since 7.0 I think
My game is 2d, it uses NGUI, it downloads data and images from the internet.

Thank you so much for your read and time. Hope you can help!

I have resolved this proble .平时都是我们看英文,现在你们看下中文吧。
解决方案: 1.改为异步才操作 2.改为分布来操作。2者原理差不多 就是以前一帧要处理完的事情 我分批次 去处理。结合协成来操作。